Does Cybersecurity Awareness Training work?


Cybersecurity has become crucial for every business and government agency. The need to secure our information and systems is paramount to avoiding the financial and reputational damage common with even small data breaches. That’s why it’s critical to ensure everyone has the knowledge and skills to keep our workplace secure — the more people who know about cybersecurity, the better chance we have of preventing a disaster.

Cybersecurity awareness training programs are an integral part of an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy in that they help drive human behaviour to prevent the most common cause of data breaches: human error. In a recent report, over 80% of organisations claimed that security awareness training had reduced their employees’ susceptibility to phishing attacks.

What is Cybersecurity Awareness?

Cybersecurity awareness is a program designed to educate employees on the importance of cybersecurity and prevention of cybercrime. The training focuses on how employees can identify and protect against online threats and what to do if an attack occurs. Effective cybersecurity awareness training also incorporates simulated phishing attacks to demonstrate various phishing techniques. I recommend that everyone in an organisation participate in regular cybersecurity awareness training. Every employee has a role to play in protecting the organisation and its assets. It also helps to ensure that if a data breach does occur, everyone will be able to spot it and respond accordingly.

5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  1. Ensure It Is Well-Planned and Structured

Communication is the cornerstone of any cybersecurity awareness training program. Employees need to understand the importance of cybersecurity and how it relates to their jobs. Organisations that plan their programs are more likely to achieve success. They also build a good rapport with employees, increasing training participation.

2.Make it Interactive, Fun, and Engaging

Cybersecurity awareness training should be engaging and interactive. To keep employees engaged, choose a solution with educational videos that are short, positive, and relatable in a way that empowers employees to make smarter decisions to support their company’s security. A new breed of security awareness training videos is now available with bite-size animated content that mimic the formats of drama, sitcom, and other series all while educating employees on security topics. 

3. Ensure It Is Comprehensive

Cybersecurity awareness training needs to be comprehensive to work effectively. Employees need to know what they can do to avoid being a victim of a cyber-attack and understand how it occurs.

4. Do It Regularly

Regular cybersecurity awareness training sessions will ensure that your employees continue to have the knowledge and skills to protect your organisation. They’ll also be able to adapt to any changes in the cybersecurity landscape.

5. Effective Feedback

Communication is key when it comes to cybersecurity awareness training. Employees need to know how they are progressing and achieving the desired learning outcomes. A program that tracks their learning progress and test results as well as provides regular feedback throughout the training helps employees continually improve their cybersecurity awareness and develop good behaviours.

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