We Reduce the Risk of a Devastating Cyber Incident by Training your People

Every day, everyone – from your CEO to your most remote workers – is likely to be targeted by cybercriminals, or inadvertently cause a security breach.

Australian businesses receive phishing emails

of all breaches are caused by human error

Australian businesses attacked by cyber criminals


Avg loss per business email compromise attack

People: Your First Line of Defence in Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is on the rise and human error is responsible for a shocking 82%* of security breaches. A single click on a phishing email can have catastrophic consequences. This means that training your staff to recognise and avoid cyber threats is critical to protecting your business. Our people-centric services empower your staff to make safe and smarter choices online. 

At PhishNet, we’re all about people and culture. Our goal is simple: reduce the risk of a devastating cyber incident by training your people.

PhishNet is a proud partner of the Australian Cyber Security Centre. 

Reduce your risk.

Train your people to become your best defence against cyber threats. Choose PhishNet.