Phishing/Ransomware – How Training Helps

Hopefully, you’re taking a well-earned break and not reading this on Easter Monday. But just in case you are, happy Easter!

Life would be so much easier for cybersecurity professionals if hackers also took a holiday break, but sadly they don’t.

According to historical cyber attack data, hackers work EVEN HARDER during the holidays and weekends.

In 2021, the FBI and CISA observed increased cyberattacks and ransomware threats targeting U.S entities on holidays and weekends.

The motivation behind this strategy is simple:

Holidays = less security staff in the office.

Less security staff = fewer network defenders

With less security staff on deck, cybercriminals know there’s a higher likelihood of unsupervised staff falling victim to phishing attacks.

This is a serious problem.

A business’s level of cyber resilience shouldn’t depend on the number of available cybersecurity staff. Each employee should be trusted to identify and evade phishing attacks even when completely alone.

When your business has this level of cyber resilience, you don’t need to worry about cyberattacks on weekends and holidays; you can actually enjoy the time off and relax (imagine that?)

Cybersecurity awareness training is the fastest and most effective method of educating staff to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks.

Experience is the most influential teacher. PhishNet teaches employees essential cyber threat knowledge; we make sure this information changes habits through simulated phishing attacks.

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