Protect your data from human error. Simple, effective cyber security awareness training for every team member

Cyber Behavioural Assessment

An initial Cyber Behavioural Assessment establishes the current level of human risk and sets a baseline for a security awareness program. With our Cyber Behavioural Assessment, gain actionable insights into your teams knowledge, behaviour and compliance, along with targeted recommendations to mitigate cyber threats and reduce the risk of a devastating cyber incident.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our comprehensive cyber security awareness training program ensures your staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent cyberattacks and protect your organisation’s sensitive information. You’ll be training staff on the very latest social engineering threats and best practice habits.

Interactive Micro Assessments

Interactive Micro Assessments based on real-life situations across multiple threat vectors including phishing, sensitive data handling and remote working, that help identify your teams knowledge, behaviour and compliance. 

Phishing Simulations

With more 74% of incidents caused by human error we help ensure your staff make the right decisions. Our phishing simulations help identify high risk individuals in your organisation. Using the very latest phishing scams our program includes the PhishNet ‘You’ve been Phished’ page as a further learning opportunity for those people that click on ‘that’ link.


Smishing is a social engineering threat and very common. Many of us receive a Smishing message at least weekly if not more. We’ll Smish your staff and uncover high risk people who might just need some further education.

USB Drop

USB drop is a simulated threat that can identify high risk individuals who might just need some further education, or perhaps are a potential insider threat.

PhishNet Digital

Our digital communication portfolio ensures your staff are seeing a consistent message so we’re helping you to build a cyber aware culture. We provide a suite of engaging, educational and interesting content that’s delivered in alignment with the PhishNet Care.

PhishNet Detect

Your shield against phishing emails. Powered by advanced technology and expert analysis, we swiftly identify and report your phishing threats in real-time safeguarding your organisation’s sensitive data and reputation.

Who Needs PhishNet's Cyber Security Awareness Training

If you have staff, customers, digital data and a bank account, you’re at risk. 

Organisations that store customer records, keep funds in trust, work with sensitive data, or provide critical infrastructure are prime targets for cybercriminals. Whilst every organisation and business is at risk, some sectors are targeted more frequently and severely than others, due to the nature of the data held.


Here’s just some of many official recommendations for implementing effective cybersecurity awareness training for your team.

Local Councils

The NSW Audit Office Local Government Report 2022 Recommendation - Completion of cyber awareness training by all staff, contractors and third-party providers to help them recognise potentially malicious emails and avoid inadvertently activating attachments and software designed to infect devices and steal data to be used by cyber criminals. 28% of Councils have experienced cyber incidents, and 51% have not put any staff cyber security awareness training in place.

Advisory & Accounting

Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards recommendation. The guidelines help businesses to manage risk and, in the process, protect their clients. APES 325 states that a risk management framework should include Training of Staff in relation to Risk Management. Cybersecurity awareness training is a key piece of the risk management puzzle. Provide your staff need with the necessary knowledge that help you meet the requirements of APES 325 Risk Management for Firms.