Human Error

74% of data breaches involve Human Error.
Top 3 common human errors leading to data breaches include:

Misdelivered Email

Misdirecting an email with sensitive information is probably the most embarrassing type of data because human error is entirely at fault.

Simple Passwords

61% of data breaches are caused by compromised user credentials, not through theft, but password cracking methods. Most employees choose passwords as simple as “admin1234” or even just “password.”

Recycling Passwords

The growing number of data breaches means that most user accounts have already been compromised, and stolen data is usually shared amongst cybercriminals on the dark web.

The escalating cyber-attacks on humans

Cybercriminals are experts in finding and exploiting human errors in order to gain sensitive company information. The most common human-related attacks include:


The top employee-related crime. It involves tricking people through email, phone, or text message to disclose sensitive information such as login credentials, passwords, and banking details.

Branded Emails

Branded emails imitate well-known companies to trick people into clicking phishing links or downloading malware. Verify the sender to safeguard your personal data.


A social engineering tactic where cybercriminals use a convincing story from a credible source, like a friend or co-worker, or authority figure to obtain valuable information or system access. The goal is to gain trust and valuable information.

Minimise Human Error.
Strengthen Cyber Security.

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