Yasmina Sault

Marketing Manager with expertise in strategy, content creation, web development, and HubSpot proficiency. Combines innovative thinking with analytical skills to exceed objectives.

Tax Time Scams to Look Out For

Phishing and skimming scams are common at tax time. Scammers know that we’re expecting communications from the Australian Tax Office. So, they can insert themselves into your tax return process by pretending to be the ATO. To stop you thinking critically about what’s happening, they’ll often try to create an emotional reaction. Again, influencing you …

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Use Complex Unique Passwords

Discover effective password management techniques, avoid common pitfalls, and protect yourself from cyber threats. So, how do you manage your passwords?  That’s a question LastPass asked in its 2022 Psychology of Passwords Report. And the data it got back was… less than reassuring: Just 73% of people thought that they had good password management methods. However, …

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