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Join our Referral Partner Program and become a champion for
cyber security awareness

Enhance your service offering and empower your clients with cyber security awareness training. By partnering with PhishNet, you’ll expand your portfolio while ensuring your clients stay secure online.

Our mission is to train people to recognise everyday scams and cyber threats, equipping them with the knowledge to stay safe online. Our cyber security awareness training services help organisations meet compliance requirements and reduce risk with clear measurable results.

Client Advocacy

Empower your clients with PhishNet’s cybersecurity awareness training, enabling them to combat evolving cyber threats effectively while earning rewards.

Commission Rewards

Earn commission for each successful referral, ensuring a rewarding partnership experience while delivering added value to your clients.

Expert Support

Access a dedicated support team that prioritises your clients’ security needs. We’re here to guide you through the referral process and ensure your clients receive the best cyber security training experience.

How it Works

Getting started with our Referral Partner Program is easy. Simply sign up by completing registration form below. Once onboard, you’ll be empowered to advocate for cyber security awareness tailored to your clients’ unique needs.

As a PhishNet Referral Partner, you’ll play a critical role in highlighting the importance of cyber security awareness training, enabling your clients to defend against cyber threats effectively.

Together, we’ll deliver excellence by providing top-quality training that enhances cyber resilience and fosters a safer digital environment.

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Complete a the registration form to join our referral program and start advocating for cybersecurity awareness tailored to your clients’ needs.


Empower your clients to adopt PhishNet’s cybersecurity awareness training, highlighting its role in empowering them to defend against phishing attacks and cybersecurity threats.

Deliver Excellence

Let PhishNet provide your clients with quality cyber security awareness training, making them more resilient to cyber risks and contributing to a safer digital environment for businesses.

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